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Marina One Residences - A Singapore Real Estate Development Manual

Would you like to enjoy the best of both worlds in the place that you live in? If that is what you want go for the Marina One Residences You need not wait longer considering that the project is anticpated to be completed in 2014. You can find that the place is within the brand new central area for Global business as well as fiscal pursuits seen in Singapore. If you are significantly thinking about of relocating to Singapore for work and also leisure time then this is the perfect place where you can just do that. A great location like this certainly is out there in the heart of the city.The Marina One Properties is actually a shared endeavor with M S Pvt.Ltd as well as the Khazanah Nasional . Another progression is known as as the DUO Residences. The Marina One is all about 2.63 hectares and is valued to be about $6 billion. It's possibly one of the rising luxurious homes in the area. The total gross floor area of 421,000 sqm is going to be allocated for retail and office spaces. It really is ideal when you want to set up a new enterprise which is near to your property along with your consumers as well.

If you want to be in a tactical place this residential home might just be things you need because it is in close proximity with institutions that may give you admission to the needs you have. In review the Marina One will probably be a mixed use production, it is going to alot the 58% for the office spaces. The office spaces consist of 2 storey office blocks. The 42 storey residential block as well as the 1,042 high end residential units will consist of the rest of the 44%. And also the extra 5% will be for retail store spaces linked with the residential units and offices. Not too cheap right? It's just like residing and working at the same time and also at the same location.

You will also have a retailer podium in addition to fantastic green garden called the Heart in the center of the 3 blocks. Imagine it as a retreat of the residence where everyone is able to come and relish the view and simply relax. Close by there's also 2 quaint parks you could stroll by if you are going running or simply leisurely wandering. As if that was inadequate the Marina One also has 4 basement levels with an underground pedestrian multilevel plus an additional path multilevel.Currently winning awards in the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2012 as Best High Rise Architecture, Best Mixed use Architecture as well as Best Mixed Use Development you can be sure of the high expectations it could offer you. You can say it is one of many most sought after homes in Singapore. You wouldn't want to be neglected right? Find out about Marina One and get the advantages in calling the area your ideal home.

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